Payment and tour cancellation policy


1. Payment Regulations and Methods

Mekong Experience Travel Accepts Payments:

  • Cash payment directly at our office, located at: 40/A5 An Binh, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho City.
  • Payment via bank transfer:

  Bank Account Information:

  •   Account Name: Mekong Experience Travel And Transportation Services Trading Limited Liability Company (LY NHAT TRUONG)
  •   Account Number:
  •   Bank: Vietcombank - Can Tho

2. Return and Exchange Policy

2.1. Cancellation by Mekong Experience Travel

Mekong Experience Travel reserves the right to cancel a tour or agree to reschedule departure in certain cases, such as:

- When there is an official notice of suspension of operations/reception of guests from the local government after Mekong Experience Travel has signed a contract with the customer. Upon receiving the official notice, Mekong Experience Travel is responsible for promptly informing the customer to agree on the appropriate adjustment plan.
- On the departure day, if Mekong Experience Travel assesses that the weather conditions are highly unfavorable and pose significant dangers and high risks (e.g., natural disasters, floods, landslides), Mekong Experience Travel will be responsible for notifying the customer to adjust the plan accordingly, as well as assisting and creating all conditions to ensure the best interests of the customer. In these cases, if the customer wishes to cancel the tour, they will be refunded 80% of the paid tour fee, or the tour will be rescheduled to the agreed-upon next departure date.

2.2. Cancellation by the Customer:

Before the departure date, if the customer is unable to attend the trip for any reason, they must notify Mekong Experience Travel directly through written communication or by sending information via the registered email or phone number in the contract. Note:

- If cancellation is notified after the deposit has been made, the deposit will not be refunded. If the customer has paid the full tour amount, the customer will be refunded the difference between the total tour amount and the deposit amount according to the regulations.
- For customers who have paid the full tour amount but have additional cancellation requests, depending on the cancellation time, Mekong Experience Travel will refund the tour fee to the customer if there is a difference. The refund amount will be detailed in the individual contract terms that the customer has signed with the company.

Refund Method:

Customers can come to the Mekong Experience Travel office at 40/A5 An Binh, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho City, to receive the refund.

Before registering for a tour, please carefully read the tour program, terms, and tour prices included as well as not included in the program. In the case where the customer does not register for the tour directly but someone else registers for them, please thoroughly understand the program from the registrant.

Contact the Hotline at +84 909900989 for consultations.

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